Monday, October 31, 2011

i get to take this town by storm, as my best friend goes to take over Cuenca, Ecuador. sad, yes. but very good.

change is good, right?

so now it's time to push ourselves in ways we didn't when we shared daily life, and time to figure out who we are without a companion and sidekick.

here we go.

- k 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

rat in a jar

my negligence to this blog has probably led you to believe that i did, in fact, choose to go back to school... or maybe you thought i skipped the country, which i definitely considered.  however school won out, and i'm now considering MFA programs, or at least toying with the idea.

progress... right?

especially to think that mid-summer things seemed a little hopeless.

so while posts will be a bit less frequent, i'll try my damnedest to keep you in the loop, after all, you've supported me thus far... and i promised to share life with you (and trust me, you've been on my mind a lot lately).

work and school have enslaved most of my free time, and fall's here (!!!) which means my sleepiness is at an all-time high.  miss ellie has decided to move to ecuador, which is sad, and very exciting (a trip is, not quite in the works, but on the mind), and one of my best friends in nashville will most likely be moving to africa in january.  every thing's a bit different, but nothings quite changed.

i was able to spend some time in seattle with my family (which is when i drew the rat in a jar) and managed to collect a thousand pounds of rocks, and not take a single photo.  oops.

aside from all of these things, i have two shows to hang in 2012 - one in summer, one in fall.  oh yes. and i finally bought a domain name.

again, progress.

i'm sorry for my negligence, but thank you for receiving me. 
- k