Saturday, December 25, 2010

yesterday morning i thought about telling you how strange christmas in nashville is.... due to a lack of snow. then, late last night it started to snow, and it's been snowing ever since.

this is, perhaps, the strangest holiday of my life. however, the snow is making my heart happy and return of the jedi is on the television. not much is better than that. 

merry christmas, if you celebrate christmas. joy, happiness & celebration on your wintery holiday. 

either way, thank you, i love you, enjoy your weekend. 

- k. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ink & brush

the act of doing, being away from, and moving back into, are all, no matter how different, difficult. each with its own purpose, each a necessary process, to make us better, stronger, more vulnerable creatures & creators. 

this space is created so that you can walk with me through my everyday, see my process, the finish product, as well as the changes that it makes in me. i love that i can share this with you: when i create, how i create, my frustrations and my joys, which you would, otherwise, not be able to see. that's the beauty of how far technology has come: connectivity*. 

the last three weeks i have been removed from my art. yesterday i went into my studio [thank you for making me do that] picked up my ink and was determined (by way of a little push & encouragement) to create something. 

it's not my favorite piece. there are a hundred things i can find wrong with it. but this is about sharing. the process, the journey, and the fact that ink is one of my favorite mediums to work with. ink & brush. simple and to the point, yet there is so much depth and description in each stroke. carrying so much emotion in it, somehow, i swear, the ink knows what you feel. 

i've already written too much. forgive me?
expect more ink on here. 
oh, and i love you.
- k.

* - be careful with connectivity... too much can taint you.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

saturday treasures

yesterday i re-discovered a photo that i had taken a century ago few years ago. 

this is codey holliday (great name, right?) a dear friend of mine & an artist. see his work here.  (disclaimer: most of his more recent work got burned in a fire earlier this year... i just wish you could see the things he's working on now)

the end. 
enjoy your weekend. 

- k.

Friday, December 17, 2010

ze week

hurrah! i received time off in january to go to mexico. oh. i am so excited. 
(spending my evening making arrangements)

this week consisted of: work. friends in town. being stranded at my house while my car was not working. being a slight bit creative. getting covered in bug bites. uhhhh. i think that might be it. 

here's the creative parts in photos. kind of:

all images ©kbaergen

enjoy your weekend, 
- k.
i cannot believe that christmas is next week...
what are you wishing for???

Friday, December 10, 2010

christmas cheer.

or whatever you celebrate. 

the rest of this month will probably be a little bit slower, work wise. i hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and i'll keep you as posted as i can.

this next year is going to be so revolutionary, so many great things to come, so many great things to work towards. sheesh, i love thinking about it.

all images ©kbaergen

let it snow, 
- k

Thursday, December 9, 2010

found: diagram

wake up, work out, work, maybe see a friend (maybe), sleep, repeat.
that's all i've done for the last two weeks. 
(okay. maybe a couple parties, late nights, a drink, dreaming of nyc, reading jeremiah wilson's blog,  some smokes, having david ramirez in town, holiday cheer, some movies, and roasting a chicken. fine. you got me.) 
so, my apologies on the lack of updates. i haven't even been in my studio either... my soul is hating me. 

i started collecting things at work. found things. children's drawings, notes, diagrams, etc etc. i had to find a game to keep my head in work (or maybe out of it for that matter).  here's the first installment of found

at one point there was an eye at the top of the pyramid (where the arrow is pointing), but i spilled water on it. i'm pretty sure its the evil, ever-watching eye, which sits at the top of the food chain (whatever that means), and that swirly thing penetrates from its pupil. 

i hope you guys are taking care. really. oh yeah. its freezing out. can you believe it?? i can't. my body just can't seem to warm up, and its not being too nice about food - it only wants hot chocolate, coffee, tea and hot toddies. 

so much love to you all, 
- k.

ps. i'm listening to brasilian music. its wonderful.
pps. listen to haunting party. it's so lovely, and perfect for this time of year.