Friday, April 29, 2011

found : diagrams/drawings

kids make so much sense. 1. the girl with blonde/green hair and a tail (?), needs/has love. 2. there are storms that are awesome, and sometimes scary. 3. sometimes you need a decoder to figure out the secret language. 4. everything about the ocean, sunshine, boats and palm trees is perfect. 
- k.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

four things:

a. it looks like there's a snake crawling into my studio from the backdoor. 
b. it's finally sunny. which is a relief, however, these storms have been ripping people's worlds apart. glad to be safe, but saddened that there are still a lot of people without homes. 
c. i made the best breakfast this morning. fried egg + salsa + green onion + black beans + goat cheese.... all atop some fresh spinach. 

d. alright, enough with my gotta-get-out-right-now attitude i had earlier this week . i really do love this town, this place that i'm in... but sometimes i just need to leave and see my family. and deeper than that, i have to figure out what it is that makes me want to get up and leave, to run away, to just go... trying to find fulfillment&excitement / trying to feel interesting & alluring. something i can't explain or express fully (these thoughts are thanks to evy) - so i'll just have to explore right here, and express what i discover as best this human body can.

enjoy your thursday.... the weekend is right around the corner. 

- k

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

geez. i've gotta get out of here

nashville is wearing on me, and i have a feeling mexico just won't pull through (for the second time this year)... it's never a good idea to stay a. landlocked and b. in one place for more than 4 months... i'm running on 6, and my soul is begging to travel and explore. 
creativity needs to be rejuvenated and i keep forgetting that i'm better with a pen than a paintbrush... leaving more frustrated than when i wasn't creating at all. (keep in mind, that it just turned 2... and if i don't call it quits between 2 & 5, i'm a disaster...)
so, who wants to take me to this lovely temple... i saw it in a National Geographic, and i'm fairly confident it's in Southeast Asia somewhere... 
listening to the new Fleet Foxes on NPR's First Listen. a good suit for today. 

image ©kbaergen

- k.

Friday, April 22, 2011

found : ghosts

a million years ago i had access to the creative hustle studio... the building was once a retirement home, in which were a lot of scary things, about 3 ghosts, lots of old clothes, and stuffed animals. amongst those, i found this picture:
- k.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mum // passover

today is my mum's birthday. however, she would have never called herself mum, so i'm not entirely sure why i've connected so much with that term... probably because it makes her seem more angelic. and i guess angels, if they had voices, would probably have british accents. i don't know. just go with it.

every year i try to take the day to relax.... which really turns into me putzing around, since my family is scattered everywhichway and my family here is, well, usually working.

so, tonight i will celebrate.

it also happens to be the first day of passover. the one religious holiday that i have a real tradition for. it's intriguing to me, and has, somewhere along the way, held onto my heart a little (probably stemming from my love of good jewish bakeries.... and skokie, il). so every year, i drink wine, light candles, and read about it, aloud.

tonight i will honor both. to my mum & to the passover.

- k.

i also have every intention of listening to The King's Speech soundtrack.... because it's lovely, and days like these deserve lovely things. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

monday's rule

there's something about summer that only allows sleepiness when there's time for a nap. that, watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, swimming, and popsicles are pretty much what's keeping me alive right now. it's just around the corner... 

when i first moved here i was surrounded by sweaty skaters and little kids. every day was a day for swimming, and life seemed possible: everything was at our reach. 

i rarely receive mail, especially when i don't know about it, but today i received a parcel. filled with lovely things, from someone i've never met, which is probably the most exciting part of it all. so thank you.

photo & pottery from A. Moore - take a look at his work.

which just goes to prove my point that Monday's rule. i know, it's beginning of the work week, but it could also beginning of a new week - which mean's there's opportunity for new adventures and a chance to make this week better than the last. 

tonight the lovely uncle skeleton will be playing at mercy, which will be a good time - if you're in town, i highly recommend you being there. 

- k.

Friday, April 15, 2011

several years later, and i actually have something more to share with you than just something i've found.

most times i have to connect with an idea before i can create something... making me a difficult one for free-lancing.

however, i'm in the process of creating a couple things for a dear friend and i thought i might share my first little bit of work on it:
i miss you. i'm sorry for being negligent. 
- k.

p.s. these are just thing beginnings.... 
p.p.s. there are many exciting things happening... one being that i've just discovered (by way of another dear friend) Wye Oak. perfect studio music.
p.p.p.s. seeing that there is a horrific storm rolling in in the next few moments, this might be my last. so, sionara. see you on the other side. thanks for always supporting me and loving me and sharing life with me.

found: plans

apparently the playroom is going to cost $189,900 to build. 
come on. go big or go home. what's an extra $5000?

but in all seriousness, my kids are playing with wooden toys, and crayons at the kitchen table, and outside. simplicity is key to a great imagination, friends. 
the less we have the more our minds can create. 

- k.

Friday, April 8, 2011

found: signature

seriously, that signature is bad ass. 
- k.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

studio space // heart race

painting on the walls is good. painting whatever you want on the walls is a bajilliaosoijsafsflksion times better. 
it's a work in progress. and it's a little tedious sometimes, but it's happy.*
what better way to work on your patterns, than have them all over the walls? constant reminders of which are good, which to use, which ones to leave out, and which need extra practice. 
i dream and melt over how my studio will be one day. all the different elements - paint, print, illustrate, sewing, metal work**, hardware, etc. - working together to be my dream land. and while my studio has been a little neglected the past few months, i'm ready to start working at it again. rather, working in it. (side note: i bought a sewing machine yesterday for $15.99! still no idea if it works, but, just think of all the wonderful things that could come from it!) so here are a handful of the images that i melt over every time i think about how i'd make my studio:
 the selby, maybe?
unknown source
 top & bottom via scout & catalogue

add about 27 house plants & cacti....***
my heart is racing.

i love you dearly, 

* i'm still trying to figure out the perfect paint for it all - there's so much texture it's almost impossible to get a solid line - i tried ink on the black lines this past round, which worked well, but runs out quick. 
** i just needed to throw something else in there. metal work? maybe, probably not. 
*** more like add a few canary's and an aquarium with light up fish, octopi, & jelly fish...

Friday, April 1, 2011

found: diagram / prayer

it's APRIL! waaaa hooooo. 
and here's the found for this week. 

found in the wailing wall of fido. its some sort of prayer from a child. 
kind of like this: 

- k.