Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday's whatevers (in photos)

every year thanksgiving becomes less and less of what it was when we were children. at some point this has to reverse... but when will that moment be? maybe when we have children? or maybe when we have family?  i miss that kind of celebration - i think it takes people you love, i mean, love love, immensely, as well as the dedication to tradition and celebration.

we didn't do the greatest job of that this year... the dedication part. and this is just turning into a sadly long apology for my absence of photos of the day. yes. i know. i'm terrible, i didn't bring my camera (like i promised). i even choose not to take photos. we're still working on this long recovery back to the camera. man, is it hard. really. it's so difficult. but i'm trying to change my thoughts on it - instead of "someone will have a camera there" or "there's nothing really worth photographing" let's get back to "how about i document everything."
here are some photos for you to indulged in... these are the car rides in LA. i know, silly, but it's something... right?

 where my brother's wedding reception was: 
 huntington beach, with jeff & jacquie:
 catalina island in the distance:

so i just ran down stairs and took a few photos.  its beautiful out. i mean, incredibly cold, but still, beautiful. cold, grey & frosty. mmm. i've been waiting for this weather for months. 
my messy studio (with fog spots): 
 the dr. seuss backyard:
 isn't it lovely?

more to come tomorrow. 
all images ©kbaergen

i've been listening to Yelle radio on pandora ALL week morning. (includes: the cardigans, lily allen, lykke li, etc.)

Monday, November 22, 2010

happy 72˚ monday

the little monster i made for el.

i can't believe its the 22nd of november and 72˚ outside (only downfall: allergies. damn you allergies). i can't believe that tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. time does fly, but i'm still just a baby.

lately i have been struggling through the idea of value & meaning. you know, questions like "what am i doing here?" "does my art mean anything?" "is my art marketable?" "do i really value my art, or even, myself?" on and on and on and on.
David Hamby, a dear friend, really helped me understand something - if you're doing what you love, and what you feel like you're meant to do, it'll market itself... in the place you feel most free, beauty will flow, and become contagious... when we try to gear ourselves towards what other people want, we're really only seeking their approval & appreciation, thus losing ourselves. besides, the last thing anyone wants is to be so focused on marketing that they lose who they really are, and the work they really want to do.

all this to say: i'm learning (slowly) to be who i am, without settling, or selling out. what are things you struggle with in art? and how to do you overcome them?

so i gave my hand at making a terrarium for el. and i framed a monster for her too.
jars from the thrift store... it was a haven of terrariums!
see my new tattoo? i just love it.
this weekend was full of so much love - family, friends who are family, friends, friends around a fire, good food, all of our favorite places (including whole foods, trader joes, the book store, etc). saturday meant doing whatever we wanted until friends came over to celebrate, eat cake, and have a drink around a fire. sunday we spent drinking fresh pressed beet-kale-apple juice, coffee, lounging at Arrington Vineyards (while eating cheese, apples, and tasting wine), reading The Beautiful & Damned (by F. Scott Fitzgerald) aloud, and finishing off the weekend with dinner, Toy Story 3 (which was fantastic... i laughed so hard i cried... watch it!), raspberry dessert wine & truffles. there's definitely no need for more celebration - however, it is always welcome - and thanksgiving is coming at a perfect time... as always (and of course i forgot my camera for almost all of these things..... i'm terrible... but i refuse to forget it on thanksgiving!).

so, what did you do this weekend?

if we don't chat, which i'm thinking we will, happy thanksgiving,
- k.
all images ©kbaergen

ps. listen to Nathanael Mehrens.

Friday, November 19, 2010

friday madness.

wow. a few things to share with you. first of all its friday! are you excited? i am. this is my first work-friday that has landed on a real life friday in a while... which means i have a real weekend.... which also means that Ellie & i are going to be celebrating our birthdays this weekend. oi, i am excited about this.

last month i was in LA for my brother, Chris', wedding. my brother Jeff & Jacquie (wife, best friend, creative-extraordinaire) and i spent the week hanging out, going to the beach, and... haircuts.
also. here are some monsters that i wanted to share. i'm kind of excited about them.

and a little bit of artmail that i sent to my dear friend Morgan:
Spike Jonze does it again with the new Arcade Fire video. sheesh, i have a huge crush on him...... who doesn't?
(if the video doesn't work, click here)

we're hoping to take so many photos this weekend. can't wait to tell you about everything that happens, and all the lovely people we get to see and spend time with.
so much love, enjoy your friday,
- k.

ps. put your iTunes on shuffle. it'll brighten your life. SO MUCH.

Monday, November 15, 2010


a few years back, in a printmaking class, i did a lino block of a heart. a human heart.

i think that's when my love for the human body became a living breathing force inside of me (it might even be outside of my body, hanging out, around me). my love for lines and contrast grew, and i discovered that the body was the perfect place to invest that love.

so, i thought i'd show these prints to you. all of which are for sale, if you'd like one, shoot me an email (
all images ©kbaergen

i hope you enjoy,
- k.

Friday, November 12, 2010

three parts

about three months ago i started buying old photos - from the 1800's & early 1900's - so i could draw on them. partially to learn the human body better, but secondly, because i really like the concept of seeing a body in every aspect - skin, bones, muscle, etc.

however, with those really great photos, came countless amounts of baby photos - which really just makes me look like a creep if i draw skeletons & muscles over children. thats wrong, right?

so, drawing over them has become a quick way to prep for drawing & painting... here's what i've got:
all images ©kbaergen
any questions? email

enjoy your friday,
- k.
ps. listening to The Black Keys today. so good, so perfect for a friday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

winter coats & Oh Land.

first of all. i really want this coat.

second of all, Oh Land, is, well... incredible. abosolutely love them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

triangles & regiment

sometimes in life we come to the realization that it's time to go back to the basics and re-learn a few things. as i started to prepare for a show i realized that i'd forgotten a lot of the skills i had acquired and built up in school. thus, postponing a show, which will happen when i feel like i've grown a little bit more.

so. back to the basics i go - studying artists & working on lines, geometry, tones, values, learning patience & perseverance, etc.

ready for the journey?
i'm used to creating at a very fast pace, so part of this learning process that i'm starting to go through is about persevering to the end, working a little every day, even when you feel stuck.
i hope your week is going wonderfully.
to the ymca, i go.

- k.

ps. once i find the cords to my camera, i've got a few things to share with you, one) being my studio, two) my brothers wedding.
listening to stars.

Monday, November 8, 2010

i've really been loving egon schiele, lately, his lines and perspective are beautiful
today starts the preparation to (perhaps) live in new york (see. i haven't even committed to it yet):

go to bed early.
wake up early.
hangout less.
work all the time.
work out - to de-stress & be fit.
make art, every day (work on those illustrations).
read regularly.

i mean, the list could go on, but if i'm really supposed to be there i believe the right doors will open and the appropriate doors will close, hopefully making it a smooth transition. all of these are things that i need to be practicing anyway, to be efficient & hopefully successful... especially if i'm going to call the Big Apple 'home'.

here are a couple pieces of artmail that i have sent out this past week:
so much love,
- k.

check this blog out ROCKOUTURE - really lovely, pertaining to fashion.
and Lykke Li. listen listen listen. especially this video, with Bon Iver.
also Yelle. listen too! (gotta love the french music).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

new york?

saturdays. saturdays. this one, however, i have to work. and when i get home i'll collapse on my bed and have a solid night of rest (i hope).

today my mind has been consumed with thoughts about new york. yesterday my dear friend, kirsten tornes, asked if i was really going to go. and i had to face it: i think i'm supposed to. it was exhilarating and scary as hell to say yes. but, right now, i think that's where i will be - in a year or two. the beauty of it: there are so many lovely friends there - and probably more will go before it's my time, and so much opportunity to learn & grow.

so i've made a list (which you'll know about later) to help organize my thoughts & start to work towards it. i mean, i can't go under-prepared and let the city eat me alive.

images from the world wide web - nyc in the 1970s, and backstage louis vuitton.

enjoy your saturday,
- k.

ps. i'm hoping for a plane ticket to magically appear in my po box so i can visit this winter. cross your fingers, okay?

pps. found that video on

Thursday, November 4, 2010

underexposed self?

unfortunately as an artist you're judged on how you are presented, often times more than your work is. which leaves some great artist's unknown and some horrible ones (who know how to look good) overexposed.

yeah, it makes me mad and frustrated. but, people who can't seem to get their presentation together, sometimes can't get their act together - no matter how good their work is. which takes us back to the idea & practice of discipline. when discipline comes in one area of your life, it often bleeds to the others. at the end of the line, if you exercise, eat well, dress well, etc, the other areas of your life go along a little bit smoother - with you as a strong, disciplined, put-together person.
(hat by Anda & Masha, sweater: anthropologie, pants: ?, shoes: Dries Van Noten (swoon))

put yourself together, it'll make everyone happier.
don't worry, i'm working on it too.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

jazz davis styling

well, folks. i had the wonderful opportunity of being asked for Sarah Barlow & Jazz Davis. Jazz, styling. Sarah, shooting. it was rainy and gross out, and i'm pretty sure there was a torrential downpour that day. no matter the circumstances, they sure did a great job. so thanks for letting me be apart of it, ladies.

i hope you enjoy the glimpse, but for more, head on over to Jazz's website, and Sarah's website.

- k.

just in case you're wondering, my house is still covered in glitter. i don't think it'll ever fully recover. all for the sake of art, right?

ps. go listen to stars. the end.
pps. i really need to start running again.

dia de los muertos

one of my favorite days of the year. so i decided to test out some inks.

not my best work, but experimenting is definitely worth it.

i hope you celebrate the deceased - and everything that they are, were, and hopefully we will carry that on.