Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween weekend

it happens the same every year. i have brilliant ideas in march, july and august, but when the actual day comes around i get so flustered and annoyed that i totally give up my genius costumes. no different than this year, halloween is coming, fast, and i've forgotten all my great ideas. i'm sure that in march i knew exactly what i was going to be, and now, i only have a slight idea. suggestions? suggestions? clever. funny. not something to be made fun of. i hate having to think about this. but on the brighter side:
i'm pretty sure i'm going to document everything - first with our flip, then with my pentax, maybe some other old film too. eeeep! exciting, right?! let's just hope i'm surrounded by hundreds of people in incredible costumes.

i hope you've found yours (if you celebrate halloween by dressing up), and if you're not into that, i hope that you have a wonderful weekend filled with good friends and family.

- k.

listening to some beautiful fall music today - including Andrew Bird & The Avett Brothers.
ps. that photo up there, was taken in a graveyard in Amacueca, Jalisco, Mexico (not my proudest moment as a photographer, but i still love it there).
pps. my dear friend KB's birthday was this week - just a little love sent to her - and her work is lovely.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

jacquelyn baergen

this is my sister (in law). pretty rad, right?
well, she doesn't really have purple hair, but she could if she wanted to.
she's currently getting her masters, living in seattle, running a business, and being a wife.
what business? well she makes these rad cards: chalie jo. and will soon collaborate with her husband (my actual brother) to start their own empire. which, i will let you know all about when it launches.

enjoy your wednesday.
- k.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ay ay ay
there's been a giant storm in nashville. it's fall. real shocker.

so today i watched a documentary on The Donner Party (eeeeeek). so very interesting, and so very gut wrenching. literally. i thought that just maybe i was going to throw up. but it's a very important part in the movement to civilization in the west (yes, that's right, all you californians.... and seattlites). so educate yourselves, its a good story & piece of history. and i believe some artwork is going to come of it.

also, i thought i'd share a little sketch (rough. very rough) for a piece i'm working on (which you'll be able to see it, in its entirety, if you come to my art show in december. yeah? yeah.).
told you its rough, any thoughts?
lots of love & wonderful storms,
- k.

ps. a little development on artmail. if you send me a little piece, i'll document it, and redirect it to someone else... (thus getting them involved in the movement) then you will receive something back (whether from me, or someone else involved).
k. baergen
po box 60282
nashville, tn 37206

Monday, October 25, 2010

what a perfect way to start a monday, right? a creative list of goals... which i created MONTHS ago. nonetheless, something i wanted to share with you. what are goals if no one knows about them. right?

i need your input, and your help. can i ask a favor of you? i need your thoughts on how to make artmail work. the goal is to have it's big kickoff on the first of the year. but what are ways that you think it would work best? send artmail, receive artmail, inspire others to send artmail. what would make receiving art in the mail appealing to you?

do you know anything about marketing... yourself? how to get my name out there? there must be something you know that i haven't thought of yet. that's why we work well together.

and the last thing i'll ask of you is to share me with your friends. i'm going to have an art show before the end of the year, and i'd love for you to attend, and all of your friends.

blah blah blah, sorry for rambling. i hope your monday's don't feel blue, but that they are just as wonderful as the weather in nashville says it should be.

- k.

ps. do you see the drawing i made of myself? ha.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday is the new monday?

ha ha. yeah right.
sunday is still wonderfully sunday.
while soon sunday's might just become another day of the week, for now, they're a day for rest, relaxation and doing what you love. to me that means no client work, just working on my own art, for me. and picnics. and friends. and music. annnnd. everything i love.

this morning started out with a quad 12 oz americano and a will to create. rather the inspiration to create. i haven't touched paints in, oh, a year. so, bare with me as we go through this journey, its going to be rough, but if you stand along side me (and have your loves stand along side of you), this rough patch won't be so horrible. right?

so i haven't painted in about a year, here's what i got:

share me with your friends,
- k.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

saturday videos

there's something that i really love about weekends. even though i work most saturdays and sundays, i still feel the need to treat them the same as everyone else: browse the internet, watch tv, and yes, clean.

also, i love most everything that has to do with Mexican culture. and this video has one of my favorite songs in it, which i learned from our dear friend Flora (who lives in Mexico city, eep!)

enjoy your saturday,
- k.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

mail is wonderful

i received this in my po box today. i probably have the best friend of best friends (sorry best friends, she's pretty awesome).

so i decided to make this to share with you, and others, and your friends:

and this is for my dad... he turned 61 this week. holy shit.
and here is some artmail that i'm sending out today.
i know, it's been a long time, and i haven't shared much of what i've been working on with you. mainly because i haven't been working on anything. between Seattle, moving, and LA, everything has been a whirl wind. oh, and i was sick. twice. so i'm finally settling into my new home, and my new studio - which is heaven on earth, its' true.

greg gifted me with a printer/scanner, so i no longer have to run around trying to find an unused one.

upcoming things (that you should probably know about):
this fall (stay tuned)
it's going to have a real operating, functioning system,
so we can get the whole world on board.

listening to Mumford & Sons.... because they're beautiful, with beautiful souls, i'm sure.

Friday, October 15, 2010

different countries

having your own space is one of the most necessary aspects of being a healthy person.

so, today, i bleached the floor of the studio and began unpacking.

i cannot wait to see what comes from this space, and see how i create here... please come along for the journey.

here's my three minutes of creating that happened today (sorry for the poor quality):

i've been listening to The xx all day (i heard them on garance doré's recent video, thankyou!). it's lovely. combined with the back door open, and a breeze on this perfect day... not much could be more relaxing.

its friday. enjoy the weekend.
- k.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


why is she just so lovely?


Monday, October 11, 2010

oi vey

it has been a tiring and lovely vacation, here in los angeles. the best part being that after spending 6 days with jeff & jacquie (my brother & sister-in-law)(in seattle), i am now spending this entire trip with them... which makes, 12 days spent with family - just making up for lost time.

as lovely as relaxing has been (and let me tell you, i adore it), i'm going crazy not working. so much to do at home: the floors need to be bleached, the studio unpacked, bedroom organized, and projects. projects. projects. my mind is always going. which means there are new projects every day.

one of the projects being branding myself: such a hard task (how do i want the world to view me?). so here is the beginning:
branding myself
(my sad attempt at illustrator... i have to learn, i have to!)
©k baergen

what do you think? i need some input here (especially on the oi vey)...

today, we're headed to pasadena (one of my favorite spots here), where i'll be scouring all of H&M for a great deal... and i'll be back in nashville tomorrow night.

share with your friends,
- k.

ps. listening to Maurice Ravel on Pandora (Ross would be so proud)
pps. local natives play in nashville on thursday... oh i'd just love to go.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

about to leave,

headed to LA for the next 5 ish days. enjoy your weekend.

- k.

Monday, October 4, 2010

east tennessee

this season in life has certainly been one of travel.

between the beach and Seattle, el & i went to east tennessee to explore the mountains.

i had an entire day of wonderful shots, i mean, just unreal photographs. but i made a total rookie move and came to find that i'd forgotten to put a new roll in... thus, all those beautiful shots, gone. everyone makes that move at some point in their life (and you'll never do it again), but that weekend was my time to learn the lesson.

here's what i got, later (definitely nothing close to what i initially had, but i tried):
all images ©kbaergen

listening to a lovely mix of Noah & The Whale, by Pandora.
and it is lovely outside. absolutely lovely.

oh! i finally found the charger to my digital slr.... so there will be some less expensive shots soon.

enjoy this beautiful day (no matter where you are),
- k.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

if only i could be there....

coco chanel, 1960
one day i'll be able to go to every fashion week, gawk, gaze, fall madly-deeply-in-love with fabric all over again, chit chat, photograph, sketch, and enjoy every moment of people enjoying and celebrating fashion (and all the hard work that's being displayed). but for now, i'll just have to linger around news articles, and blogs like The Sartorialist and Garance Doré (which is actually quite wonderful).

and of course NPR always keeps us in the loop (i just love the 'arts & life' section) with articles like this one.
oversized clothes are in... but those shoes. how can i find myself a pair? ©TheSartorialist
via NPR

i'll do all my gawking and day dreaming from afar, and make a goal of being at all of them in the next five years. that sounds reasonable, right?

some links for you:

listening to Kings Of Convenience, so lovely.

have a wonderfully lazy sunday,
- k.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

marisha mae

first of all look at my lovely over exposed moccasins
in the midst of moving & unpacking i've neglected everything found some spare moments to share photos with you.

was on a shoot a couple weeks ago for my friend Marisha. decided to bring my pentax along and take a couple detail shots.
i know, underexposed.
all images © k baergen

okay. back to unpacking & cleaning
so much love,
- k.