Tuesday, May 31, 2011

notes from friends

there are certain people in this world that i meet and want to hold on to forever. you know, live next door, borrow sugar, hang out with them until you're old and grey. those are the people that i want to do everything for, love on them, bring them dinner when they're trapped in work, and spend the wee hours of the night chatting about nothing and everything.... because they're the people that i connect with. that i cherish. that understand what i say when i don't make sense.

so, kb left me this note last week... it not only warmed my heart but made me laugh for days:
i mean, there's a pig with a bow cast off to the side. does life get any better than this note? i think not.

by the way, kindercastle's new record, number b, came out this last friday, with not only a bang, but igniting the feeling inside of everyone that makes you laugh & cry; where every creative energy within starts rumbling around to create a wild rumpus. so buy, listen, stream. drive around, play games, swim, dance, and whatever you will, because the music is beautiful, and it's meant for summer.

find the people that fill you up and don't let them go, no matter how far they travel and how impossible their schedule is. make time, do back flips, because if they really fill you up, they'll do do exactly the same for you... even if you can only see them at 5am every 14th tuesday. people are worth it.

- k.

Friday, May 27, 2011

found : anger note

i'm not sure but i think this girl was so upset that her flower plant? pie? was gone that she just stopped writing.... or her mom took the note away from her. 

ay ay ay. 
so i figured i'd let you know why i've recently fallen off the planet.  no mexico = more work (with a wonky schedule). a little bit of play and a few distractions... like shows, and birthdays, and friends moving back into town. which has kept me pretty far from (but annoyingly close to) my studio. there are a bunch of projects that i'm either working on, or about to be, and i think life will get a little nuts.
oh yeah, and then there was a huge storm that knocked half the power out of east nashville and threats for more bad weather. this year's weather systems are really tearing the south up - hopefully the storms will cease soon and cities will be able to rebuild what's been destroyed.

next up: poster for Nathanael Mehrens which will include bones & something pretty. 
- k

Friday, May 20, 2011

found : unsuccessful

first thing's first : my scanner decided to up and quit on me for the moment. i'll fix it. but that means that my found series will have to wait another week (but i think i've got some real gems for the next few weeks). 

but i did find a big black spider in my studio. i killed it immediately.

so i'll just have to leave you with this 
- k
ps. that streak on my face is not really there.... i also need to clean my scanner while i fix it.
pps. don't be fooled. i'm pretty sure there's a pooh bear patch on the other side of that zip-up-booty-onesie 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


my dad has generously given me a little portion of his library, along side my ever-acquiring collection of medical books, has become a well rounded resource for what i've been working on. and these photos are telling me that i need to a. get my vision re-checked or b. actually wear glasses/contacts.

while everything is coming along nicely, i'm in serious need of some good lights down here - any suggestions? - as well as an easel, and a couple other odds and ends to make things a little more organized.
great things are happening. there's life inside of me. i'm still creating, and will continue to create. thank you for being you, listening to me, and supporting me.


Monday, May 16, 2011

a little card

for a lovely one's birthday

if you judge by my documenting skills as of late, my hits are currently greater than my wins... but then again, last minute planning and projects don't leave a whole lot of room for fancy photos and scans.  i'm fairly confident phones with cameras were created just for me. create. document. upload. run out the door.

oh. i'm rambling. i'm so sorry.


Friday, May 13, 2011

found : document

i don't know. i don't get it. but the best part is that 2. looks like it says hey(,) bonus(!). 
please decipher this if you can.... 

- k.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

in a perfect world i'd be stumbling out of the guadalajara bus station, finding my driver, and on my way to amacueca. stopping at every light to buy another bag of fresh sugar cane and limes. 
but, as fate has it, i'm still in the u.s., wishing i could get my hands on some sugar cane.... and convinced that there is a very good reason as to why this trip didn't work out, for the second time. everything has a reason behind it, even if it's the simplest of things. so i'll just reminisces a little...
 hang out on the roof for the hours with this dude.
 walk to and stroll through the cemetery to remember our families.
 hang out in sayula. 
soak up every bit of sunlight and warmth
and spending the late, late evenings getting lost in the stars and the charm of this unpolluted town.

today's my friday. praise the lord. i have so much to do. i'm just gonna daydream for the next ten hours. 
- k. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

found : photo

i don't know, but there's a lot of hatred towards the end. 
- k.

ps. a n palamara's release show is tonight @ 314 scott ave. you probably want to be there. marrow & the broken bones, and nathanael mehrens will also be playing. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

birthday swell

a dear friend turned 24 about a month ago. this was the best thing i could come up with to give him. 

all in all it was a fun night, with good friends and a lack of sleep, but worth every second because it was an evening that i'll look back and remember my heart being full. 
 - k. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

happy anniversary

today is the three year mark of living in nashville. congratulations to me for staying in one city for over six months.... and i'm currently trying to stay in one house for more than 8 months (but it doesn't look like that'll be much of a challenge this time 'round).

so, now that i'm here, and i haven't any place i'm planning on going, it's time to buckle down and get things moving. the studio is coming along quite nicely, but it's time for me to get my sewing workbench underway and start producing some great clothes.... which also means that i'm looking for a seamstress to apprentice under - know anybody??? - because, boy, i'm rusty, and i have a long ways to go. so, here's my sketch for the table, which i've asked Logan to help me with:

what do ya think? it's clearly not proportional, but i didn't have a straightedge with me... boxes under the left side will be for thread, bobbins, tools, scissors, etc. have any suggestions to make it better?

all this rain has brought me a new pet for my studio : i am now taking suggestions for what to call my snail friend.

so this week : i've gotta get the new Fleet Foxes. watch more French films from Ping (before he gets home), start reading the second Hunger Games book.... and, well, learn about the sea.

- k.
all images ©kbaergen

Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday's list :

1. i got my usb-camera cable in the mail this week. hurrah! all the things i've been dying to show you are gonna happen this week.
2. sunday's = good food & great friends. homemade tomato soup, brie, bread & pears. and of course a trip to whole foods & trader joes.
3. water is the most wonderful, magnificent, delightful thing in the entire world.
4. it's may and summer is here. shorts all the time. skirts. dresses. making clothes. amen & amen.
5. jazz did a little shout out to me this past friday on her blog, in case you wanted to read it.
6. yesterday, the 30th of April, Jeff & Jacquie launched their new company, In Tandem. genius, i say. genius. more on this to come.

i love you dearly. enjoy this rainy (if you're in nashville) sunday.
- k.