Thursday, September 30, 2010

seattle, pt. 1

so, there will be a second edition of this post, considering there is a roll of film lost somewhere in the midst of traveling (!), packing, unpacking, and moving (!).

but for now, here are some wonderful things from the pacific northwest:
family (and our lovely hosts)
feels like home
two of my best friends
flying a kite
hidden anemones & urchins.
little things & great colors.
alki beach
freemont troll
all images © k baergen
life is exploding, love every moment of it,
- k.

listening to Beach House right now. loving it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


seattle has been wonderful.

i'm slowly, but surely, falling in love with the city. and slowly warming up to the idea of moving here one day (the mountains/ocean combination definitely helps). being close to my family is becoming more and more of a priority, especially when i see what i've missed out on being far.
new york is currently the top choice (i think), but seattle will be well-visited until (if) moving here is a real option.

what's more wonderful is that i have film from all of this - video and 35mm (!)
so, prepare yourselves, i'll develop that film as soon as i have a chance
and i will soon have a wonderfully, beautifully, large studio to work in...

p.s. today i touched a sea anemone.
p.p.s. we also found a jelly fish!
p.p.p.s. grey's anatomy. the season begins. boom. that's all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

here. in seattle.

5:23 wake up > 5:45 leave house > 7:25 departure > vegas > (falling asleep and almost landing on the lady next to me... > 12:45 seattle > 2:00 Jacquie pick up > 5s instead of 5n > visiting Jeff at Whole Foods > home by 4:45 (6:45 nashville time).


today is Rosemary's birthday. she is one of Jacquie's best friends here in Seattle, and she is a wonderful lady.

so i made her a little drawing: i hope she likes it.... i mean, i just met the girl today.
hurrah to making art the first day i'm here (!)
it feels so wonderful to be here, with family. which reminds me how much i want to live near them. nashville is home, but i don't think it will be forever. new york is calling me, eventually. but i think seattle is the other option for alternate US homes.

more to come. market in the morning (FISH!).

so much love,
- k

ps. seattle is so cold! but i love it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

(july's pentax)

late july, ellie and i decided to take a magnificent camping/adventuring trip to the georgia/south carolina coast. however, terrible forecasts forced us to rethink our plan: thus we went to stay with her brother in flordia (a beachy midwest). it was wonderful. the beaches were beautiful, and we really just needed the ocean and the sun.

along came my pentax. like i had said prior, i am still becoming friends with my pentax and learning the likes and dislikes of a fully manual camera... so here's what i have:
all images © k baergen
heading to seattle tomorrow. where are your favorite places in and around the city?

so much love,
- k

currently listening to Death Cab For Cutie's record Transatlanticism (one of my very favorites... no matter what people say).

i've finally reached a breaking point in Three Cups of Tea... still not too far in, but i'm excited for the promise it holds.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

saturday morning:

no one is awake, i can be so productive.

objective 1: write down my dream from last night that will become a children's book.

objective 2: buy Andrew Belle's new record "The Ladder" which is fantastic and you can buy it too for $5.99 - worth every penny (and many more!).

yep wonderful.

if you're in town tonight, or are able to in the next two months, Andrew Woolbright is having an opening at LeQuire Gallery here in Nashville (eep!) 7-9. It is always so inspiring to see friends from school work and grow and show their art - so proud.
read this snippet from ReadyMade : now watch this video they posted

it's called Let's Colour Project, and the artists are from france!

so much love,
- k.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

fall clothes

just add a wonderfull little jacket.
ah! i can't wait for fall!
- k.
so i have to learn to wear heels. on a regular basis. of all heels, these are the best
photographed here
but these boots are so lovely...
and this bag. ah! i want it.
so much love,
- k
p.o. box 60282 nashville, tn 37206


a little inspiration for this thursday... stumbled upon this video by way of Allister Ann's blog, so thank you to her, NPR & Radiolab

be inspired - go make something great.
- k.

p.s. an entire batch of artmail is being taken to the post office today!
p.o. box 60282 nashville, tn 37206

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pentax 1.0

as photography has been on the back burner, i am slowly easing back in with my lovely, yard-sale-find, $5, old, fully-manual pentax film camera.

please note that slowly easing also means that i've made a lot of rookie mistakes, and forgotten a lot of things i've learned. take that, add it a top the fact that i had never used a pentax before this year.

thus the focus is all off (i think i finally figured the camera out... just wait for the photos from the mountains), there's a lot of experimenting, a lot of messed up shots, but practice makes perfect, right?

here's a few from the 4th of july (my favorite holiday):
all images © k baergen
more to come,
- k

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

artmail 1.2

this past weekend ellie & i went to the mountains - east tennessee mountains, that is.

the perfect cure for terribly allergies that went south and made me sick.... i mean, what's better than a grandma's cooking to cure the over pollinated nose & an under(homestyle)loved self??? nothing.

a lot of hiking, movies, chats and SLEEP. a smidge reading, and no writing or art... so my task for the drive home: make artmail.

i decided that the truckers needed some artmail too - which i held against the window while we drove past - just to (hopefully) brighten their days (we video recorded some of it.... which i will share with you when i have the chance)

here's what i created (obviously they're a little messy due to the bumpy road... sorry) :

all images © k baergen

send artmail to:

p.o. box 60282
nashville, tn 37206

so much love,
- k.

p.s. currently reading Three Cups of Tea ... soooo good. a little wordy, but i'm just a few pages, but it's going to challenge my vocabulary & knowledge of the eastern region of the world (more on this to come)

p.p.s. i'm currently jamming to Tegan & Sara - gosh i love them! especially the record Sainthood. sometimes i lose them in the onslaught of new music, but they're always good to work to. yes. (follow them on twitter)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scott Clark

please please check out a dear friend of mine, Scott Clark, and follow his life (and many adventures) as a photographer currently living in Mumbai, India, and traipsing around southern and south-eastern asia.
enjoy enjoy enjoy

send me what inspires you:
po box 60282
nashville, tn 37206

Friday, September 3, 2010


the time has come for me to finally learn how to use illustrator (not just stare at it). poor application has been laying dormant, just collecting dust on my desktop.

i know, i know, a little late in the game... but computers just, just, just scare me (yes. its true. i also believe that they don't really like me either). i swear half the battle is getting from staring at the computer to actually touching the mouse. maybe it's just the unknown that scares me, or the fact that there are a billion different people in the world who are master-wizard-illustrator-users (some of which are friends, thus the barter system is taking place). so here's to late nights and early mornings to try and get the hang of this dreaded, yet so incredibly wonderful program.

so this is what i made:

p.s. don't forget to send me what inspires you: p.o. box 60282 Nashville, TN 37206

p.p.s. am loving Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


ahhh. the beloved P.O. Box. meant for companies, CEO's, mega artists, magazines, blah, blah, blah. and guess who else can have them?! us! regular people. so, as you can imagine, when i found out that i (yes i) could get a P.O. Box, i marched myself right on down to the united states post office. the papers are signed, the small fee paid, so that now we can get this artmail ordeal underway. (victory!)

send me things! i love the concept of sharing ideas and things that inspire us, because usually they brighten our days, and the inspiration is passed on. so, share with me what inspires you:

k. baergen
p.o. box 60282
nashville, tn 37206

if you send me something, i will try my very hardest to send you something back (so don't forget your return address)

remember: not many things are better than receiving artmail.

so much love,

currently listening to Andrew Belle.