Wednesday, August 5, 2009

new friends & new ideas

located in an old gas station on 12th with a beautiful lab to greet you at the door.  new friends. they have great jeans and they will custom make jeans as well.  great people, great product. scratch that - replace the word great with incredible.  they also go digging and have some amazing finds for sale - particularly a dead stock military boxer that happens to look fantastic as a pair of high waisted shorts (or whatever you will) with some pretty bad ass pockets.  check them out. i support them. they need to be known of. 

lets just say i've been working on my studies of the human body.  i know, i know. no new art as of recent  - my computer crashed and i lost everything i was going to put up, so bare with me. however, i've been doing some drawings and i'll give you a taste by way of reference images. 

i'll get some of the images of the pieces as soon as i re-download photoshop and illustrator, etc. 

love it. 

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