Thursday, May 20, 2010

insecure qualities

people watching is one of the greatest forms of inspiration.

take a minute and watch adults interact with children.

every fear and insecurity is taken away. poof. gone. vacant. for those brief moments we are able to be something that almost no adult can allow us to be. while age and experience grow us and push us to a better self, being surrounded by children allows a free zone. there is a wild imagination inside every child which has not yet been trained and skewed by society. yes, experience allows us to create, imagine, and make incredible art. but there is something about life through a child's eyes. they hear sounds and see colors that we no longer interact with. their innocence and imagination inspire rawness and truth. an honesty that is lost somewhere between 10 and 15.

go ahead. mess up. imagine. stumble across your words. create. be you. do the things that you hold back when the average adult is just around the corner.

some of my most insecure qualities (yes. qualities.) are free and illuminated when i am near children. they won't laugh. i know that. better yet, they'll support my thoughts and feelings.

so what if we were all more like children?

maybe we would see a raw, truthful, and more imaginative world.

more art on its way. slowly, i know. but i promise. just keep hoping for that perfect space to create.


1 comment:

  1. I love how easy children believe things. It's such a blind faith.
    That's what I want the most. The ability to believe that all things are truly possible.

    (Hi, I went to Sarah Barlow's Dad's church for awhile, and I found your blog through hers)