Wednesday, July 7, 2010

as we grow older we become more aware of ourselves. whether it is at the forefront of our minds or not, every day we become more of who we are. which in turn makes us ask questions. where am i going? what am i doing right now? am i valued? do i offer value? what is my value? where do i belong? who am i.

as we grow and learn and ask we come to discover (often told by someone older and wiser) that we will be asking these questions our entire lives. everyday it is a challenge to first of all, be who you are, secondly, keep in mind what you want to be, and finally tie those together by finding balance in the waves that life brings us.

creativity comes in waves: the most important thing i've been told in the last 3, 4, maybe 5 months.

so. ask the questions. over and over and over again. find the balance. and do what you're supposed to do - what you, as a loving, living, soul are created to BE.

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