Tuesday, September 14, 2010

artmail 1.2

this past weekend ellie & i went to the mountains - east tennessee mountains, that is.

the perfect cure for terribly allergies that went south and made me sick.... i mean, what's better than a grandma's cooking to cure the over pollinated nose & an under(homestyle)loved self??? nothing.

a lot of hiking, movies, chats and SLEEP. a smidge reading, and no writing or art... so my task for the drive home: make artmail.

i decided that the truckers needed some artmail too - which i held against the window while we drove past - just to (hopefully) brighten their days (we video recorded some of it.... which i will share with you when i have the chance)

here's what i created (obviously they're a little messy due to the bumpy road... sorry) :

all images © k baergen

send artmail to:

p.o. box 60282
nashville, tn 37206

so much love,
- k.

p.s. currently reading Three Cups of Tea ... soooo good. a little wordy, but i'm just a few pages, but it's going to challenge my vocabulary & knowledge of the eastern region of the world (more on this to come)

p.p.s. i'm currently jamming to Tegan & Sara - gosh i love them! especially the record Sainthood. sometimes i lose them in the onslaught of new music, but they're always good to work to. yes. (follow them on twitter)

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  1. i got that one with the lips. :o)

    i wish i could draw better.