Thursday, September 23, 2010

here. in seattle.

5:23 wake up > 5:45 leave house > 7:25 departure > vegas > (falling asleep and almost landing on the lady next to me... > 12:45 seattle > 2:00 Jacquie pick up > 5s instead of 5n > visiting Jeff at Whole Foods > home by 4:45 (6:45 nashville time).


today is Rosemary's birthday. she is one of Jacquie's best friends here in Seattle, and she is a wonderful lady.

so i made her a little drawing: i hope she likes it.... i mean, i just met the girl today.
hurrah to making art the first day i'm here (!)
it feels so wonderful to be here, with family. which reminds me how much i want to live near them. nashville is home, but i don't think it will be forever. new york is calling me, eventually. but i think seattle is the other option for alternate US homes.

more to come. market in the morning (FISH!).

so much love,
- k

ps. seattle is so cold! but i love it.

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  1. i loooove this! i hope its my art mail! i want it in my room!!! yours is on its way!