Saturday, September 18, 2010

saturday morning:

no one is awake, i can be so productive.

objective 1: write down my dream from last night that will become a children's book.

objective 2: buy Andrew Belle's new record "The Ladder" which is fantastic and you can buy it too for $5.99 - worth every penny (and many more!).

yep wonderful.

if you're in town tonight, or are able to in the next two months, Andrew Woolbright is having an opening at LeQuire Gallery here in Nashville (eep!) 7-9. It is always so inspiring to see friends from school work and grow and show their art - so proud.
read this snippet from ReadyMade : now watch this video they posted

it's called Let's Colour Project, and the artists are from france!

so much love,
- k.


  1. I've been a fan of this project for a while but haven't seen this video--lovely.

  2. i hadn't seen it until the other day, and it is absolutely lovely.