Thursday, September 30, 2010

seattle, pt. 1

so, there will be a second edition of this post, considering there is a roll of film lost somewhere in the midst of traveling (!), packing, unpacking, and moving (!).

but for now, here are some wonderful things from the pacific northwest:
family (and our lovely hosts)
feels like home
two of my best friends
flying a kite
hidden anemones & urchins.
little things & great colors.
alki beach
freemont troll
all images © k baergen
life is exploding, love every moment of it,
- k.

listening to Beach House right now. loving it.


  1. the pacific northwest has my heart, completely. love it. and your pictures are beautiful.

    also, i love your stuff. next time i see you, let's talk art...i'd love to pay you to make me something!!

  2. thank you.

    yes absolutely. and sheesh, that part of the country holds my heart as well.