Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween weekend

it happens the same every year. i have brilliant ideas in march, july and august, but when the actual day comes around i get so flustered and annoyed that i totally give up my genius costumes. no different than this year, halloween is coming, fast, and i've forgotten all my great ideas. i'm sure that in march i knew exactly what i was going to be, and now, i only have a slight idea. suggestions? suggestions? clever. funny. not something to be made fun of. i hate having to think about this. but on the brighter side:
i'm pretty sure i'm going to document everything - first with our flip, then with my pentax, maybe some other old film too. eeeep! exciting, right?! let's just hope i'm surrounded by hundreds of people in incredible costumes.

i hope you've found yours (if you celebrate halloween by dressing up), and if you're not into that, i hope that you have a wonderful weekend filled with good friends and family.

- k.

listening to some beautiful fall music today - including Andrew Bird & The Avett Brothers.
ps. that photo up there, was taken in a graveyard in Amacueca, Jalisco, Mexico (not my proudest moment as a photographer, but i still love it there).
pps. my dear friend KB's birthday was this week - just a little love sent to her - and her work is lovely.

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