Thursday, October 21, 2010

mail is wonderful

i received this in my po box today. i probably have the best friend of best friends (sorry best friends, she's pretty awesome).

so i decided to make this to share with you, and others, and your friends:

and this is for my dad... he turned 61 this week. holy shit.
and here is some artmail that i'm sending out today.
i know, it's been a long time, and i haven't shared much of what i've been working on with you. mainly because i haven't been working on anything. between Seattle, moving, and LA, everything has been a whirl wind. oh, and i was sick. twice. so i'm finally settling into my new home, and my new studio - which is heaven on earth, its' true.

greg gifted me with a printer/scanner, so i no longer have to run around trying to find an unused one.

upcoming things (that you should probably know about):
this fall (stay tuned)
it's going to have a real operating, functioning system,
so we can get the whole world on board.

listening to Mumford & Sons.... because they're beautiful, with beautiful souls, i'm sure.

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