Monday, October 11, 2010

oi vey

it has been a tiring and lovely vacation, here in los angeles. the best part being that after spending 6 days with jeff & jacquie (my brother & sister-in-law)(in seattle), i am now spending this entire trip with them... which makes, 12 days spent with family - just making up for lost time.

as lovely as relaxing has been (and let me tell you, i adore it), i'm going crazy not working. so much to do at home: the floors need to be bleached, the studio unpacked, bedroom organized, and projects. projects. projects. my mind is always going. which means there are new projects every day.

one of the projects being branding myself: such a hard task (how do i want the world to view me?). so here is the beginning:
branding myself
(my sad attempt at illustrator... i have to learn, i have to!)
©k baergen

what do you think? i need some input here (especially on the oi vey)...

today, we're headed to pasadena (one of my favorite spots here), where i'll be scouring all of H&M for a great deal... and i'll be back in nashville tomorrow night.

share with your friends,
- k.

ps. listening to Maurice Ravel on Pandora (Ross would be so proud)
pps. local natives play in nashville on thursday... oh i'd just love to go.

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