Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ink & brush

the act of doing, being away from, and moving back into, are all, no matter how different, difficult. each with its own purpose, each a necessary process, to make us better, stronger, more vulnerable creatures & creators. 

this space is created so that you can walk with me through my everyday, see my process, the finish product, as well as the changes that it makes in me. i love that i can share this with you: when i create, how i create, my frustrations and my joys, which you would, otherwise, not be able to see. that's the beauty of how far technology has come: connectivity*. 

the last three weeks i have been removed from my art. yesterday i went into my studio [thank you for making me do that] picked up my ink and was determined (by way of a little push & encouragement) to create something. 

it's not my favorite piece. there are a hundred things i can find wrong with it. but this is about sharing. the process, the journey, and the fact that ink is one of my favorite mediums to work with. ink & brush. simple and to the point, yet there is so much depth and description in each stroke. carrying so much emotion in it, somehow, i swear, the ink knows what you feel. 

i've already written too much. forgive me?
expect more ink on here. 
oh, and i love you.
- k.

* - be careful with connectivity... too much can taint you.


  1. you are a good source of inspiration for me.

  2. thank you for saying that, it is very encouraging to see that people read this, let alone leave comments.

    hope you are well.