Thursday, January 20, 2011

little treasures

there's nothing quite like receiving mail on a crummy day in the middle of a crummier week.  this morning i felt inadequate, insignificant, and empty... its been building up for the past couple months - working every day combined with dark weather just makes sad thoughts sadder and being inspired less inspiring. 

but today, in the midst of this, i received two postcards. it reduced me to tears and told me that i was more valuable than i let myself believe. 

that's why we need people in our lives. that's why we need community. while sharing your life over the internet is easy (yes, you and i are guilty of this), getting a small little treasure in the mail amongst coupons and bills does something different to us.... because that little piece of paper traveled many miles to get to you. did you hear me? to get to you. to brighten your day. to make you feel special. which is why i believe the postal service is something worth treasuring.... would you treasure it with me?

 from katie collins - a fantastic artist living in chicago. 
from LJ. 

d. h. told me this morning that asian soup or thai food cures crummy days. he's right about that. miso soup it is. 
- k.

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