Monday, January 17, 2011

some of my favorite days are those spent with my best friend and chatting with my sisters. there's nothing quite like it.  and there's nothing quite like friends who encourage your creativity and push you to be productive and do your best. 

yesterday was spent grocery shopping, skyping with my sister, creating lovely things, homemade pizza, wine, blueberries, and ended laughing with good friends. not much is better than that.  so here's what i made: 

what do your favorite days look like?
enjoy your monday, its overcast here in nashville, but its beautiful and lovely and in the 40s. 

- k.

currently reading Tribes, The Good Body, and still working on The Beautiful & Damned. 


  1. i think we would be fun real life friends. i need to visit nashville!

  2. yes, please do... because i think the same.