Wednesday, February 2, 2011

spring is coming.

 nashville - summer/fall 2010
 marisha mae shoot - fall 2010
seattle. fall 2010
well we are officially in it: my least favorite month. 
but while its thundersnowing up north, it's at least sunny here and the last few days have had pretty magical weather. oh, wait. i just saw snow. maybe next weekend will start the decent into spring. but while i wait, i'll cling to the things i know to be true : spring comes every year and the sun rises every day.

typical february - there's something going on with my front brakes/calipers/alignment, so this week might just be filled with fixing that. 

however, there are more exciting things than bad things. what you may not know is that i've always wanted to be a personal assistant.  i love helping people achieve their goals and push towards their dreams.  i also think it's a perfect opportunity to learn, practice discipline, and build relationships. so i started a part-time PA job which will be in full swing come mid-february.  i believe there are many great things that will happen in and through this. 

going to be working some with sarah this week: branding myself, and branding her company, then figuring out how i fit into it. 

i hope you have a lovely day, wherever you are. remember: soup keeps you warm, and so do the ones you love, 

all images ©kbaergen
- k

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  1. Ohh my gosh that seattle shot needs to be on huge on canvas.