Monday, March 21, 2011

monday morning snooze

first of all, this is all in a rush. blah. i need to be ready to go to work in a half hour, and i'm still sitting here sipping on my tea and taking in the beauty that's leaking into my home.

1. eating healthy makes the whole world a better place. while hot dog's sound so good lately (yes, i'll have one soon enough), eating all the greasy food in the world isn't going to help my body run better or work smoother. so we're on an intense health regiment here, trying to make our bodies be the best and healthiest they can be. yum yum.
2. the plan is to go to mexico in may. ay ay ay. i'll cry if i actually get there. i'm so exciting. starting to think about the possibilities of actually moving there one day... oh it'd be a dream come true (although i know it would be incredibly rough...) Out of all the places i've visited in the last 5 years, Mexico City was the one that shouted "k! we we need you here!" "come live here, you'd fit right in" "there's so much art & beauty around it'd help feed your soul" (yes the city talked to me. it was the breeze)
3. i found this old painting that i did for ellie years ago, it made me happy. i thought i'd share it too.

have a lovely monday, 
all images ©kbaergen
- k 

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  1. bahhhhh, if you move to mexico city i would SO SO SO come visit. soooo much cool shit there. IM trying to go to la venta! and the floating gardens. omg omg