Thursday, April 7, 2011

studio space // heart race

painting on the walls is good. painting whatever you want on the walls is a bajilliaosoijsafsflksion times better. 
it's a work in progress. and it's a little tedious sometimes, but it's happy.*
what better way to work on your patterns, than have them all over the walls? constant reminders of which are good, which to use, which ones to leave out, and which need extra practice. 
i dream and melt over how my studio will be one day. all the different elements - paint, print, illustrate, sewing, metal work**, hardware, etc. - working together to be my dream land. and while my studio has been a little neglected the past few months, i'm ready to start working at it again. rather, working in it. (side note: i bought a sewing machine yesterday for $15.99! still no idea if it works, but, just think of all the wonderful things that could come from it!) so here are a handful of the images that i melt over every time i think about how i'd make my studio:
 the selby, maybe?
unknown source
 top & bottom via scout & catalogue

add about 27 house plants & cacti....***
my heart is racing.

i love you dearly, 

* i'm still trying to figure out the perfect paint for it all - there's so much texture it's almost impossible to get a solid line - i tried ink on the black lines this past round, which worked well, but runs out quick. 
** i just needed to throw something else in there. metal work? maybe, probably not. 
*** more like add a few canary's and an aquarium with light up fish, octopi, & jelly fish...

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