Monday, June 13, 2011

eureka! a totem.

somewhere along the line i began to believe this skewed ideology that to be a great artist, you must be a great painter as well. and all this time i've been kicking myself for not loving painting as much as i'd like to, or as much as i believed i should. does that make sense?

realizing that being a great painter is not the highest head on the totem has been an epiphany with a whole lot of eureka!s at the end.  the greatest an artist can be is different from every other artist... and that is something to have hope in. 

so here's to creating what i love, and working my hardest, because this will be an entirely different battle than the one i've been fighting... and probably a much sweeter one. 
- k.

oh, yes, almost forgot. bonnaroo was magical. in pretty much every way. my heart is full. and i've got a few rolls of film to develop & i'll be ready to share that experience with you. 

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