Thursday, August 18, 2011

hikes & bikes

this past spring ellie and i went hiking about an hour outside nashville. there's nothing quite like hiking in mountains. about 35˚- 40˚ and a lot of steep climbs we ended up having a wonderful day exploring the woods, having good conversations and being charged by bulls (yes. it's true). here are a couple of the photos i took along the way :

excited the weather is getting a little more tolerable so the adventures can resume. 
- k
ps. sunday is the bongo bicycle parade - a ride to raise money for ellie's medical bills from the bike accident she was in. you can register and/or donate online or get there a little early to register/donate at the event. 
pps. i can't stop listening to jenny lewis.
ppps. i just got my tickets to go to seattle! 

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