Sunday, September 4, 2011

baseball & books

ay ay ay. 
i've been trying to find my footing again, and now that i'm back in school (yikes! i can't believe this is actually happening) my footing looks much different than it had four months ago. talk about change of pace. i have a feeling i'll be having a pretty intense 'refresher' in self-discipline and time management this semester. i traded in my heavy dose of socializing for a much tinier one and the opportunity to see the sun rise every morning, if weather permits.
busy schedules mean the only way to get everything done AND be able to enjoy yourself a little is to have some serious discipline skills... and you know how self-discipline works - it's a trickle-down effect... you become disciplined in one area and then every area of life becomes more and more organized and a little easier to manage. everything falls into it's space and you realize that you do have a few hours to go watch a baseball game.
- k

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