Saturday, December 17, 2011

a growing up, of sorts

i've always been a dreamer. my head is mostly in the clouds, and i've always figured i'd rather shoot for the moon or an entire galaxy than settle for anything less. the upside being that i, more often than not, cross over the line into optimism, the downside is that i am too often disappointed. expectations are a bitch. it's best to do away with them, and remember that if you want something done right, you should probably do it yourself. if you're looking to have a good time, be content staring at a wall, that way, anything better is incredible. part of being a dreamer is playing tricks on yourself.

it also means that you can't quite settle for less. which is sad when everyone around you is finding their perfect companions, getting married and making families. the hope in it, is that we want more out of life. there's an entire world around me that i want to explore, and i want to push myself as far as i possibly can.

in the past year or so i've grown up a lot. more like, i've become more myself.  a bit more calm, cool, and collected, a little bit weirder, less sensitive, and i've cried a whole lot. everything has hurt deeper, but i've laughed harder. fair trade? right?

so as i change and reinvent, it's about time for this blog to move onward and upward, and grow to it's fullest potential.

in order to give it the accurate attention, i needed some help.  i decided to merge with KB, fellow artist + genius + mad scientist, to make The Common Rat it's own entity.  keeping the things you've said you loved, and adding some things we think you'll really enjoy.  in which, we hope to bring attention to great artists, cultivate a healthy competition among artists, and continue to share life with you. most importantly, i want to continue what you and i have. which means, you have the freedom to critique and suggest, because i value your opinions.

we'll be launching at the beginning of March. i'll keep you updated along the way, and once it's live we'll post primarily through there (which will also host our personal blogs). i think we have a lot of great things to share with you.

i like you a lot.


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