Monday, August 31, 2009

chuck & dean

lets chat. 
these are two of the exhibits that are at the Frist this summer. wonderful. 

Chuck Close - golly.  what a detailed, precise, ingenious, and incredibly talented modern artist. seriously. if only i had the money i'd be working as large scale as him... so i guess that is why he's making large scale at the age he is.  Let's be honest, he was probably scraping by and making little baby pieces like you and i when he was our age. 

Dean Byington. If you ever get the chance to see his work in real life, you'll be blown away - so much detail - so much imagination - so many stories and so much magic in it. 
if you don't know about them, you've got so much to explore. both are reviving. both are inspiring. i haven't been breathless or speechless over art in awhile... so these guys really brought life back into it.  

beautiful beautiful.  so many more things to learn from and get ideas from.
love it. hasta luego.

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