Wednesday, September 2, 2009

self v surrounding

"I have been a witness, and these pictures are

my testimony. The events I have recorded should

not be forgotten and must not be repeated."

-James Nachtwey-

as artists i think it is so easy to distance ourselves from our world, our society. easily are we whisked away into our own imaginations where we are focused on self, or the search for self. the latter more preferable than the former. however, its simple to cast away the reality of our world. 
unfortunately a large portion of creative, art-making minds have a more difficult time processing and understanding politics and so often we don't venture near them... unfortunately that leaves us ignorant about the world and when something monumental happens we are caught off guard and keep wondering "how'd this happen? where'd it even come from?"  if only I had been more in tune all along.  
all this to say. i want to be more in tune with the news. i think you should be too. even if we don't necessarily stand firmly in one political view opposed to another, at least maybe i'll know the current events. so i'm tryin. 

here are some great artist's who were very much influenced by the occurrences of the world. 

Eddie Adams:  (i was able to see the original of this photo at the Frist this past spring. it was awe inspiring. so incredible to see, him being one of my very favorite artists)
Steve McCurry: 
Benjamin Krain:
James Nachtwey:

still in search of artists, other than photography, that do work that is connected to the happenings of the world. if you have a heads up, let me know.


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