Wednesday, September 1, 2010


ahhh. the beloved P.O. Box. meant for companies, CEO's, mega artists, magazines, blah, blah, blah. and guess who else can have them?! us! regular people. so, as you can imagine, when i found out that i (yes i) could get a P.O. Box, i marched myself right on down to the united states post office. the papers are signed, the small fee paid, so that now we can get this artmail ordeal underway. (victory!)

send me things! i love the concept of sharing ideas and things that inspire us, because usually they brighten our days, and the inspiration is passed on. so, share with me what inspires you:

k. baergen
p.o. box 60282
nashville, tn 37206

if you send me something, i will try my very hardest to send you something back (so don't forget your return address)

remember: not many things are better than receiving artmail.

so much love,

currently listening to Andrew Belle.

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