Friday, September 3, 2010


the time has come for me to finally learn how to use illustrator (not just stare at it). poor application has been laying dormant, just collecting dust on my desktop.

i know, i know, a little late in the game... but computers just, just, just scare me (yes. its true. i also believe that they don't really like me either). i swear half the battle is getting from staring at the computer to actually touching the mouse. maybe it's just the unknown that scares me, or the fact that there are a billion different people in the world who are master-wizard-illustrator-users (some of which are friends, thus the barter system is taking place). so here's to late nights and early mornings to try and get the hang of this dreaded, yet so incredibly wonderful program.

so this is what i made:

p.s. don't forget to send me what inspires you: p.o. box 60282 Nashville, TN 37206

p.p.s. am loving Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

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