Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ay ay ay
there's been a giant storm in nashville. it's fall. real shocker.

so today i watched a documentary on The Donner Party (eeeeeek). so very interesting, and so very gut wrenching. literally. i thought that just maybe i was going to throw up. but it's a very important part in the movement to civilization in the west (yes, that's right, all you californians.... and seattlites). so educate yourselves, its a good story & piece of history. and i believe some artwork is going to come of it.

also, i thought i'd share a little sketch (rough. very rough) for a piece i'm working on (which you'll be able to see it, in its entirety, if you come to my art show in december. yeah? yeah.).
told you its rough, any thoughts?
lots of love & wonderful storms,
- k.

ps. a little development on artmail. if you send me a little piece, i'll document it, and redirect it to someone else... (thus getting them involved in the movement) then you will receive something back (whether from me, or someone else involved).
k. baergen
po box 60282
nashville, tn 37206

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