Monday, October 4, 2010

east tennessee

this season in life has certainly been one of travel.

between the beach and Seattle, el & i went to east tennessee to explore the mountains.

i had an entire day of wonderful shots, i mean, just unreal photographs. but i made a total rookie move and came to find that i'd forgotten to put a new roll in... thus, all those beautiful shots, gone. everyone makes that move at some point in their life (and you'll never do it again), but that weekend was my time to learn the lesson.

here's what i got, later (definitely nothing close to what i initially had, but i tried):
all images ©kbaergen

listening to a lovely mix of Noah & The Whale, by Pandora.
and it is lovely outside. absolutely lovely.

oh! i finally found the charger to my digital slr.... so there will be some less expensive shots soon.

enjoy this beautiful day (no matter where you are),
- k.

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  1. i love your pictures. the film quality, focus and exposures are great.