Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday is the new monday?

ha ha. yeah right.
sunday is still wonderfully sunday.
while soon sunday's might just become another day of the week, for now, they're a day for rest, relaxation and doing what you love. to me that means no client work, just working on my own art, for me. and picnics. and friends. and music. annnnd. everything i love.

this morning started out with a quad 12 oz americano and a will to create. rather the inspiration to create. i haven't touched paints in, oh, a year. so, bare with me as we go through this journey, its going to be rough, but if you stand along side me (and have your loves stand along side of you), this rough patch won't be so horrible. right?

so i haven't painted in about a year, here's what i got:

share me with your friends,
- k.