Friday, November 19, 2010

friday madness.

wow. a few things to share with you. first of all its friday! are you excited? i am. this is my first work-friday that has landed on a real life friday in a while... which means i have a real weekend.... which also means that Ellie & i are going to be celebrating our birthdays this weekend. oi, i am excited about this.

last month i was in LA for my brother, Chris', wedding. my brother Jeff & Jacquie (wife, best friend, creative-extraordinaire) and i spent the week hanging out, going to the beach, and... haircuts.
also. here are some monsters that i wanted to share. i'm kind of excited about them.

and a little bit of artmail that i sent to my dear friend Morgan:
Spike Jonze does it again with the new Arcade Fire video. sheesh, i have a huge crush on him...... who doesn't?
(if the video doesn't work, click here)

we're hoping to take so many photos this weekend. can't wait to tell you about everything that happens, and all the lovely people we get to see and spend time with.
so much love, enjoy your friday,
- k.

ps. put your iTunes on shuffle. it'll brighten your life. SO MUCH.


  1. Hey there...Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great weekend. Are you thinking of running away for your birthday or for good (saw your tweet)? New York City is a good place to get lost for a while! Anyhow, on your birthday I strongly suggest that you dig up Mac Gayden's "Tennessee." It is truly an amazing song and hey, you're in "Tennessee" so...anyhow, again, Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

    - Andrew Wagner (Wagsissticks)

  2. Thank you, thank you sir! Thanks for reading my blog too.

    Thinking about moving to New York City in a year and a half... i feel like its calling my name.. is that weird?

    I will dig up the song - thanks for the suggestion.

    Enjoy your monday, I hope its not too stressful... especially since thanksgiving is just around the corner.