Monday, November 22, 2010

happy 72˚ monday

the little monster i made for el.

i can't believe its the 22nd of november and 72˚ outside (only downfall: allergies. damn you allergies). i can't believe that tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. time does fly, but i'm still just a baby.

lately i have been struggling through the idea of value & meaning. you know, questions like "what am i doing here?" "does my art mean anything?" "is my art marketable?" "do i really value my art, or even, myself?" on and on and on and on.
David Hamby, a dear friend, really helped me understand something - if you're doing what you love, and what you feel like you're meant to do, it'll market itself... in the place you feel most free, beauty will flow, and become contagious... when we try to gear ourselves towards what other people want, we're really only seeking their approval & appreciation, thus losing ourselves. besides, the last thing anyone wants is to be so focused on marketing that they lose who they really are, and the work they really want to do.

all this to say: i'm learning (slowly) to be who i am, without settling, or selling out. what are things you struggle with in art? and how to do you overcome them?

so i gave my hand at making a terrarium for el. and i framed a monster for her too.
jars from the thrift store... it was a haven of terrariums!
see my new tattoo? i just love it.
this weekend was full of so much love - family, friends who are family, friends, friends around a fire, good food, all of our favorite places (including whole foods, trader joes, the book store, etc). saturday meant doing whatever we wanted until friends came over to celebrate, eat cake, and have a drink around a fire. sunday we spent drinking fresh pressed beet-kale-apple juice, coffee, lounging at Arrington Vineyards (while eating cheese, apples, and tasting wine), reading The Beautiful & Damned (by F. Scott Fitzgerald) aloud, and finishing off the weekend with dinner, Toy Story 3 (which was fantastic... i laughed so hard i cried... watch it!), raspberry dessert wine & truffles. there's definitely no need for more celebration - however, it is always welcome - and thanksgiving is coming at a perfect time... as always (and of course i forgot my camera for almost all of these things..... i'm terrible... but i refuse to forget it on thanksgiving!).

so, what did you do this weekend?

if we don't chat, which i'm thinking we will, happy thanksgiving,
- k.
all images ©kbaergen

ps. listen to Nathanael Mehrens.


  1. these are super cute. and yesterday was wicked warm here yesterday, but today.. not so much.

  2. thank you! i hope you got to enjoy the weather.

  3. kami - you continue to inspire me.
    also, have you read Tender is the Night? most of it is set in the french riviera...


  4. i haven't, but i'm putting it on my list.

    can't wait for you to come home.