Monday, November 8, 2010

i've really been loving egon schiele, lately, his lines and perspective are beautiful
today starts the preparation to (perhaps) live in new york (see. i haven't even committed to it yet):

go to bed early.
wake up early.
hangout less.
work all the time.
work out - to de-stress & be fit.
make art, every day (work on those illustrations).
read regularly.

i mean, the list could go on, but if i'm really supposed to be there i believe the right doors will open and the appropriate doors will close, hopefully making it a smooth transition. all of these are things that i need to be practicing anyway, to be efficient & hopefully successful... especially if i'm going to call the Big Apple 'home'.

here are a couple pieces of artmail that i have sent out this past week:
so much love,
- k.

check this blog out ROCKOUTURE - really lovely, pertaining to fashion.
and Lykke Li. listen listen listen. especially this video, with Bon Iver.
also Yelle. listen too! (gotta love the french music).

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  1. So pretty. <3