Saturday, November 6, 2010

new york?

saturdays. saturdays. this one, however, i have to work. and when i get home i'll collapse on my bed and have a solid night of rest (i hope).

today my mind has been consumed with thoughts about new york. yesterday my dear friend, kirsten tornes, asked if i was really going to go. and i had to face it: i think i'm supposed to. it was exhilarating and scary as hell to say yes. but, right now, i think that's where i will be - in a year or two. the beauty of it: there are so many lovely friends there - and probably more will go before it's my time, and so much opportunity to learn & grow.

so i've made a list (which you'll know about later) to help organize my thoughts & start to work towards it. i mean, i can't go under-prepared and let the city eat me alive.

images from the world wide web - nyc in the 1970s, and backstage louis vuitton.

enjoy your saturday,
- k.

ps. i'm hoping for a plane ticket to magically appear in my po box so i can visit this winter. cross your fingers, okay?

pps. found that video on


  1. new york yes. thats my goal as well! im going back to chicago to regroup in the city then, fingers crossed, on to NY. lets have adventures there together please?

  2. Ohhh! The pink dresses are pretty amazing. I would die for one!!