Tuesday, November 2, 2010

jazz davis styling

well, folks. i had the wonderful opportunity of being asked for Sarah Barlow & Jazz Davis. Jazz, styling. Sarah, shooting. it was rainy and gross out, and i'm pretty sure there was a torrential downpour that day. no matter the circumstances, they sure did a great job. so thanks for letting me be apart of it, ladies.

i hope you enjoy the glimpse, but for more, head on over to Jazz's website, and Sarah's website.

- k.

just in case you're wondering, my house is still covered in glitter. i don't think it'll ever fully recover. all for the sake of art, right?

ps. go listen to stars. the end.
pps. i really need to start running again.


  1. thank you for being an amazing model ms.baergen i couldn't of asked for a better person to cover in gold glitter!! loves ya!

  2. ooooh my goodness gracious. those photos are amazing!!