Thursday, November 4, 2010

underexposed self?

unfortunately as an artist you're judged on how you are presented, often times more than your work is. which leaves some great artist's unknown and some horrible ones (who know how to look good) overexposed.

yeah, it makes me mad and frustrated. but, people who can't seem to get their presentation together, sometimes can't get their act together - no matter how good their work is. which takes us back to the idea & practice of discipline. when discipline comes in one area of your life, it often bleeds to the others. at the end of the line, if you exercise, eat well, dress well, etc, the other areas of your life go along a little bit smoother - with you as a strong, disciplined, put-together person.
(hat by Anda & Masha, sweater: anthropologie, pants: ?, shoes: Dries Van Noten (swoon))

put yourself together, it'll make everyone happier.
don't worry, i'm working on it too.


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