Thursday, December 9, 2010

found: diagram

wake up, work out, work, maybe see a friend (maybe), sleep, repeat.
that's all i've done for the last two weeks. 
(okay. maybe a couple parties, late nights, a drink, dreaming of nyc, reading jeremiah wilson's blog,  some smokes, having david ramirez in town, holiday cheer, some movies, and roasting a chicken. fine. you got me.) 
so, my apologies on the lack of updates. i haven't even been in my studio either... my soul is hating me. 

i started collecting things at work. found things. children's drawings, notes, diagrams, etc etc. i had to find a game to keep my head in work (or maybe out of it for that matter).  here's the first installment of found

at one point there was an eye at the top of the pyramid (where the arrow is pointing), but i spilled water on it. i'm pretty sure its the evil, ever-watching eye, which sits at the top of the food chain (whatever that means), and that swirly thing penetrates from its pupil. 

i hope you guys are taking care. really. oh yeah. its freezing out. can you believe it?? i can't. my body just can't seem to warm up, and its not being too nice about food - it only wants hot chocolate, coffee, tea and hot toddies. 

so much love to you all, 
- k.

ps. i'm listening to brasilian music. its wonderful.
pps. listen to haunting party. it's so lovely, and perfect for this time of year.


  1. What Brazilian music are you listening to??

  2. Excellent! If you haven't yet, try Os Mutantes and let me know what you think. They're like the Brazilian Beatles, in my opinion.