Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday's whatevers (in photos)

every year thanksgiving becomes less and less of what it was when we were children. at some point this has to reverse... but when will that moment be? maybe when we have children? or maybe when we have family?  i miss that kind of celebration - i think it takes people you love, i mean, love love, immensely, as well as the dedication to tradition and celebration.

we didn't do the greatest job of that this year... the dedication part. and this is just turning into a sadly long apology for my absence of photos of the day. yes. i know. i'm terrible, i didn't bring my camera (like i promised). i even choose not to take photos. we're still working on this long recovery back to the camera. man, is it hard. really. it's so difficult. but i'm trying to change my thoughts on it - instead of "someone will have a camera there" or "there's nothing really worth photographing" let's get back to "how about i document everything."
here are some photos for you to indulged in... these are the car rides in LA. i know, silly, but it's something... right?

 where my brother's wedding reception was: 
 huntington beach, with jeff & jacquie:
 catalina island in the distance:

so i just ran down stairs and took a few photos.  its beautiful out. i mean, incredibly cold, but still, beautiful. cold, grey & frosty. mmm. i've been waiting for this weather for months. 
my messy studio (with fog spots): 
 the dr. seuss backyard:
 isn't it lovely?

more to come tomorrow. 
all images ©kbaergen

i've been listening to Yelle radio on pandora ALL week morning. (includes: the cardigans, lily allen, lykke li, etc.)

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