Tuesday, March 1, 2011

march first

spring outfit right there, yeah? yeah?

march first is one of my favorite days. it's more like the beginning of the new year, and less like the third month.  take into consideration how january & february are still winter.... and then how much lovelier the world would be if spring started the new year.  it makes more sense for it to go spring, summer, fall winter. not some-winter, spring, summer, fall, and some-more-winter. right?

all this to say, january and february treated me poorly. including a current car problem. wah wah. moving on.

the past few days we've had heavy storms & a few tornado warnings (which was kind of nice) but today i got to enjoy the sun and a few freckles decided to bless me with their presence. as for tonight, i'm hoping for a delicious dinner, time outside & a little happy birthday time for Colby Landis. that's a pretty good start to the new year.

so. hang in there. there are many more great days coming. hang onto hope, even if, wherever you are, it feels like there is none... find something that is hopeful. or find somebody who has it, and ask them to have some extra hope for you. and whatever hope i have inside of me, i'll try to have for you.

- k.

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