Friday, March 4, 2011

website workings.

while found friday's are fun and all, we're going to have a little hiatus.* and have a little chit chat about what i've been working on the past few days.

a new website.

while i love the one i have, it's virtually impossible to get it changed (the host is a very busy friend), so i figured the best thing i can do is create a new one that is more accurate (and up to date) with what's going on.

so i need your input. i need your thoughts.  tell me all the things that you want in a website: things you wished were easier to find, elements you enjoy, what lures you to a website (makes you linger & explore), etc.

this is what i came up with after hours of computer screens & editing:**
opening page.
 the navigation station.

and the about section.

obviously, i have a billion things to fill it with. and i semi-hate the font. i'm doing it through Showit which is actually really simple, however, i can't figure out how to upload a different font... do you know how? actually i found where to upload it, but it won't allow me to upload any of the fonts that i have.... ???

what do you think? 

so much love to you today. 
- k.

*they'll be back next week... i have all the items, just have to scan them in & create posts.
**i don't think i was created to build/edit websites.... but we all must learn, right?

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