Thursday, April 28, 2011

four things:

a. it looks like there's a snake crawling into my studio from the backdoor. 
b. it's finally sunny. which is a relief, however, these storms have been ripping people's worlds apart. glad to be safe, but saddened that there are still a lot of people without homes. 
c. i made the best breakfast this morning. fried egg + salsa + green onion + black beans + goat cheese.... all atop some fresh spinach. 

d. alright, enough with my gotta-get-out-right-now attitude i had earlier this week . i really do love this town, this place that i'm in... but sometimes i just need to leave and see my family. and deeper than that, i have to figure out what it is that makes me want to get up and leave, to run away, to just go... trying to find fulfillment&excitement / trying to feel interesting & alluring. something i can't explain or express fully (these thoughts are thanks to evy) - so i'll just have to explore right here, and express what i discover as best this human body can.

enjoy your thursday.... the weekend is right around the corner. 

- k


  1. Kami.
    When are you going to have a show? I want to see more than just digital versions of your work!

  2. one day, sir, one day. when the time is right and i feel like my art is worth sharing in a physical space - i'm almost there... just have some more fine tuning to do. :)