Tuesday, April 26, 2011

geez. i've gotta get out of here

nashville is wearing on me, and i have a feeling mexico just won't pull through (for the second time this year)... it's never a good idea to stay a. landlocked and b. in one place for more than 4 months... i'm running on 6, and my soul is begging to travel and explore. 
creativity needs to be rejuvenated and i keep forgetting that i'm better with a pen than a paintbrush... leaving more frustrated than when i wasn't creating at all. (keep in mind, that it just turned 2... and if i don't call it quits between 2 & 5, i'm a disaster...)
so, who wants to take me to this lovely temple... i saw it in a National Geographic, and i'm fairly confident it's in Southeast Asia somewhere... 
listening to the new Fleet Foxes on NPR's First Listen. a good suit for today. 

image ©kbaergen

- k.

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