Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mum // passover

today is my mum's birthday. however, she would have never called herself mum, so i'm not entirely sure why i've connected so much with that term... probably because it makes her seem more angelic. and i guess angels, if they had voices, would probably have british accents. i don't know. just go with it.

every year i try to take the day to relax.... which really turns into me putzing around, since my family is scattered everywhichway and my family here is, well, usually working.

so, tonight i will celebrate.

it also happens to be the first day of passover. the one religious holiday that i have a real tradition for. it's intriguing to me, and has, somewhere along the way, held onto my heart a little (probably stemming from my love of good jewish bakeries.... and skokie, il). so every year, i drink wine, light candles, and read about it, aloud.

tonight i will honor both. to my mum & to the passover.

- k.

i also have every intention of listening to The King's Speech soundtrack.... because it's lovely, and days like these deserve lovely things. 

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  1. Love the pic kam, enjoy your night of celebrating, wish i could join you! skype me if you get this tonight. Love you