Monday, April 18, 2011

monday's rule

there's something about summer that only allows sleepiness when there's time for a nap. that, watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, swimming, and popsicles are pretty much what's keeping me alive right now. it's just around the corner... 

when i first moved here i was surrounded by sweaty skaters and little kids. every day was a day for swimming, and life seemed possible: everything was at our reach. 

i rarely receive mail, especially when i don't know about it, but today i received a parcel. filled with lovely things, from someone i've never met, which is probably the most exciting part of it all. so thank you.

photo & pottery from A. Moore - take a look at his work.

which just goes to prove my point that Monday's rule. i know, it's beginning of the work week, but it could also beginning of a new week - which mean's there's opportunity for new adventures and a chance to make this week better than the last. 

tonight the lovely uncle skeleton will be playing at mercy, which will be a good time - if you're in town, i highly recommend you being there. 

- k.

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