Friday, April 15, 2011

several years later, and i actually have something more to share with you than just something i've found.

most times i have to connect with an idea before i can create something... making me a difficult one for free-lancing.

however, i'm in the process of creating a couple things for a dear friend and i thought i might share my first little bit of work on it:
i miss you. i'm sorry for being negligent. 
- k.

p.s. these are just thing beginnings.... 
p.p.s. there are many exciting things happening... one being that i've just discovered (by way of another dear friend) Wye Oak. perfect studio music.
p.p.p.s. seeing that there is a horrific storm rolling in in the next few moments, this might be my last. so, sionara. see you on the other side. thanks for always supporting me and loving me and sharing life with me.

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