Friday, May 27, 2011

found : anger note

i'm not sure but i think this girl was so upset that her flower plant? pie? was gone that she just stopped writing.... or her mom took the note away from her. 

ay ay ay. 
so i figured i'd let you know why i've recently fallen off the planet.  no mexico = more work (with a wonky schedule). a little bit of play and a few distractions... like shows, and birthdays, and friends moving back into town. which has kept me pretty far from (but annoyingly close to) my studio. there are a bunch of projects that i'm either working on, or about to be, and i think life will get a little nuts.
oh yeah, and then there was a huge storm that knocked half the power out of east nashville and threats for more bad weather. this year's weather systems are really tearing the south up - hopefully the storms will cease soon and cities will be able to rebuild what's been destroyed.

next up: poster for Nathanael Mehrens which will include bones & something pretty. 
- k


  1. Mexico needs us just as much as we need it. Lets get out of here.